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The 1/6th Vehicle Guide


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Vehicle Reference Guide:
Armor & Other Fighting Vehicles List (various sources)

Armor Hobbies and various etailers
German SdKfz 250 Halftrack (ABS Kit)
SdKfz 7 Demag (in progress)
Armorpax (Radio Controlled)
German Hetzer 38T
Various vehicle accessories

Armortek (Radio Controlled)
German Early Tiger I
German 88 Flak 36
German Panther G (2006)
German Panzer IV (Limited Run)
German SdKfz 7
US M4A3 Sherman
Various vehicle accessories
*and maybe a late model Tiger I in the not so distant future

Battleground Vehicles (Roto Molded Plastic)
German Panther G
US M-3 Lee/Grant
US M-7 Priest
US M-10 Tank Destroyer
US 75mm M4A3 Sherman (James DeSimone rights) (Fiberglass)
German Pak 97/38
German SdKfz 250
German SdKfz 250/9 Conversion
US GMC Jimmy 6wd
US M3 Halftrack
US M8 Armored Car
US M20 Armored Utility Car
US WC54 Ambulance

Dragon Models Limited
German Blitz Horse
German Kubelwagon (grey and tan "medic" versions, also DAK with balloon tires)
German Puppchen (winter with ski and tan with wheels)
German Zundapp Motorcycle
German Zundapp Motorcycle with sidecar (DAK)
German 20 mm Flak Artillery

German Nebelwerfer (winter, grey, tan & camo versions)
German Zundapp Motorcycle with sidecar (grey, tan & camo versions)

Hasbro Toys
UK & US Jeeps (many variants)
US M-3 Halftrack "Tank Destroyer" (1:8th)
US Harley Motorcycles (Dispatch, MP & Police variants)
US M-20 Armored Car (OD & winter versions) (1:8th)
US 155mm Howitzer Artillery (WWII & Korean versions)
US 37mm AT Gun

James DeSimone (direct) (Blow Molded Plastic)
German Hetzer
German Opel Blitz truck
Russian T-34
US Dodge 1-1/2 ton truck
US LVT Alligator
US 75mm M4A3 Sherman (rights sold to Battlefield Vehicles) (Fiberglass)
German Demag Truck
German Hetzer
German Jagdpanzer IV
German Krupp Protze Truck
German Marder III
German Panzer 38(t)
German Panzer IV
German SdKfz 222
German Sdkfz 223
German SdKfz 251 Stuka Zu Fuss Halftrack
German SdKfz 251/D
German Tiger I (early variant)
Russian T34/76
Russian T34/85
UK Bren Gun Carrier
UK Dingo Scout Car
US M-18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

New Ray
Indian Chief Military Motorcycles (Diecast & Plastic construct) (Radio Controlled)
German Panzer IV Ausf H
US Sherman M4A1
US Sherman M4A3E8

Panzerjuan (direct)
German Panzer IV G/H/J (Styrene Kit)
German Sd Kfz 222 (Styrene Kit)
*Jagdpanther (Styrene Kit) in progress
*Marder III M (Styrene Kit) in progress (Fiberglass)
German Goliath
German Panther Aufs G
German Panzer III Aufs L
German Stug III aufs G
US 75mm M4A3 Sherman
US 76mm M4A3 Sherman
Various vehicle accessories

Pegesus Hobbies/Meritt Int'l (Resin)
German 37mm Pak anti-tank gun

Rolling Thunder/Field of Armor
German Sd Kfz 251/B Halftrack (ABS Kit)
German Tiger I Late Version (ABS Kit)
German Tiger I Late Version (foam based)

*Also imported tanks from the Russian Federation: (Prebuilt 1/6 scale static and Radio Control AFV's):
German Jagdtiger
German King Tiger
German Mouse
German Panther
German Puma
German Tiger I
German Sdkfz-251 Halftrack
Russian JS-2 Stalin
Russian T-34/76
Russian T-34/85
Russian SU-100
Russian SU-152
US M4 Sherman
German Zundapp with sidecar (Luftwaffe grey version)

TheToySurgeon (direct) (Dennis Widner)
German Flakvierling 38 AntiAircraft Gun and trailer

21st Century Toys
German Hybrid Motorcycle ("Great Escape" Version)
German Hybrid Motorcycle with Sidecar (grey & tan versions)
German Kettenkrad (grey & tan)
German Kettenkrad with Trailer
German Kubelwagon (grey, tan & camo versions)
German PAK 40 Artillery
German Schwimwagon (grey, tan & camo version)
US (R/C) M5 Stuart Tank (olive, jungle tan and winter versions)
US Bradley Assault Vehicle (Modern)
US Converted “Liberation of Paris” Schwimmwagen
US Dodge Command Car
US Hughes 500 Helicopter (Black "gunship", "Little Bird" Nam, Police & Fire versions)
US Indian Dispatch Motorcycle
US Jeep (82nd, Patton Command & Sahara versions)
US M3 White Scout Car
US M5 Stuart Tank
US M151A2 Mutt and trailer

Vegas Bubba (direct) (Wood)
US Duece Truck

Viper USA (Resin)
German Tiger
US 75mm M4 Sherman

1918 Harley Davidson Motorcycle w/ Sidecar (All metal w/ some plastic)

Al Franco *(defunct)
German Ferdinan Elefant
German King Tiger
German Panther G
German Panzer IV
German Sturm Tiger
German Tiger I (late variant)
Russian T-34/85

OSB Locust - Jason Gray *(defunct)
German Flak 36 88mm
German Flak 37 88mm
German Horsch Truck
German Field Kitchen (Horse drawn)
German Maultier Truck
German Opel Blitz
German Panzer 38(t)
German SdKfz 250 Halftrack (prototype only)
UK Bren Gun Carrier
US M113 Armored Personal Carrier (prototype only)

Plastically Anything *(defunct)
German Kubelwagon
German Sd Kfz 251
German SU-85
German T-34
German Tiger I Early variant
US 75 mm M4 Sherman

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